Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas at the Smiths

This past Christmas we were able to go to England which was so nice to be with my family. The last time we had been there for Christmas was 5 years before that so we were all so excited. We had such a wonderful time visiting with family and friends. Besides just being with my family the thing I was looking forward to the most was "CHRISTMAS DINNER" yummy! It was everything I had imagined but I ate too much, I ate too much the whole time I was there, that's when I knew I was pregnant because I just wanted to eat all the time!

While we were at home we were able to do so many fun things. We traveled down to Wales to see my Uncle and his family, the girls fell in love with their dogs and still talk about them today, we had a reunion party with old friends, we went to York which we always love, we went to Manchester to visit Fay and Millie, we went to the Cinderella pantomime in York which the kids thought was hilarious! Maddie loved the part with the ugly sisters, especially when one of the them dressed in at outfit like Madonna. We went to this cool place is Wetherby that had a forest with lights which the kids loved. We did lots of shopping, helping Mom get ready for Christmas and I don't know how many gifts I wrapped for Mom but I got them done! The kids loved feeding the horses across the street, that's one thing I love about going home too, letting my kids do all the things I used to do when I was little. We also got chance to get some new family photos taken which was really nice to have everyone together. Not that they'll be recent for too much longer as we'll be adding 3 more grandchildren this year!

Anyway we had a wonderful time with my family and it was so nice to be there with everyone and just be home for a while. I know I have my own home now but my Mom and Dad's house will always be home. There are so many wonderful memories there, I hope my Mom and Dad never move but you never know! I'm so grateful to my Mom and Dad because they made it possible for us to go home, we're so lucky! I can't wait for them to come here now, I think Mom's coming in July with Fay and Millie, hopefully Dad too. Then I think everyone is coming for Christmas this year but we'll see, things are always changing. I just feel blessed to have such an amazing family!