Friday, May 30, 2008

Look world, I can PEE!

Yesterday we were out a lot with t-ball practices and soccer practice so I was worried how Spencer would do with going to the bathroom so he had a pull up on all day! After our first practise I was sure he had peed in his pull up but when I checked he was dry so I was so impressed. Our little cousin Whitney told me she had found him with his pants and pull up off going potty outside so I laughed! At least he was going potty.

After that practice Spencer and I went on a date to his favourite place, McDonald's. The girls had both gone to their friends house for a couple of hours so we had a fun time together. When we got home he was playing outside and was showing me all his tricks on the swing set. It was nice just having some time just the 2 of us because now it's summer that won't happen very often.

So, we went to our second t-ball practice and after that we rushed home to get ready for soccer practice. The girls got ready and had a cookie and some milk. Maddies friend was with us so I told them all they needed to go to the bathroom before we left. Next thing I know Spencer had disappeared outside in the back garden so after getting everything ready I went to get him so he could go potty too but there was no need! This is how I found him.

He had taken himself to the bathroom, OUTSIDE again for the whole world to see! What a nutter, it made me laugh so I had to take pictures but modest ones this time. I haven't tried to teach him the whole standing up going potty thing so it was funny to watch him trying to hold himself to pee. These moments really are great and remind me again how lucky I am to be a Mom.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

She's getting so big!

This is Maddie with her friend Alex on their first day of Kindergarten.

Today was Madison's last day of school. I can't believe it's already over, it only seems like yesterday that she started kindergarten. She's learnt so much this year and has changed a lot too. She's always been such a good girl and still is but now with a little more attitude. She's 6 1/2 now and sometimes thinks she's 16! She's so funny to watch, singing along with Hannah Montana or High School Musical, those are her favourites. We were at the store yesterday and she was looking at the Hannah Montana barbies, the ones that sing and there she was singing away in the store. She loves to sing, I think she gets that love from me!

During this school year she has lost her 2 front bottom teeth, she made the 100 club in her class, that was one of her first goals when she got into kindergarten, she practised and practised until she got it. She's learning to read, she's doing so good. I wasn't the most patient teacher when it came to reading but she was patient with me and is ready good now. She's had a couple of crushes this year, it's so funny to see her get so embarrassed about it, she's so cute. She's played volleyball, soccer and is now getting ready for a fun filled summer of t-ball and swimming.

I know I'm bias but I think she's so beautiful! I feel so lucky to be her Mom. I wish sometimes I was a better Mom, I'm learning all the time and I know I'll never be perfect. The time just goes by so fast and I feel like I sometimes don't pay as much attention to my kids as I should with all the other craziness going on in life. It doesn't seem like that long ago since she started preschool and soon she'll be in 1st grade, it's CRAZY! She really is a wonderful little girl, always trying to be helpful and she's so excited to have this new baby. She keeps telling me all the things she can help with, she's going to be so good.

Anyway I love my little Madison, she's such a wonderful big sister and daughter. How blessed I am to have her and all my children. I may get stressed with them sometimes but that's my downfall not theirs. They're just learning as I know I am but they mean the world to me and I feel so blessed to be their Mom. What a great thing my Heavenly Father blessed me with, to be a Mom! I guess today just made me realise more than ever that I need to make the most of each day and don't wish time away because my little baby is now 6 1/2 and it only seems like yesterday that we had her.

This is Maddie after her last day of kindergarten.

Nameless child!

I know we have 3 months left until our baby arrives but this whole name thing has been driving me NUTS! Steve thinks it's fine and we have plenty of time but he said that about 2 years ago when we started trying to get pregnant and now we only have 3 months left and we still have no names, well no boy name anyway!

So, we think we're going to name the baby Peyton if we have a girl, not sure how we'd spell it yet though. I'm sure it would just be the way I spelt it though because Steve doesn't like to spell things differently. I tried to spell Maddies middle name which is Lee, like this, Leigh but he wouldn't let me. Anyway at least we have a name if we have a girl I guess but the whole boy name is a whole other story.

I've been asking him for ages to think of names for a boy because he doesn't like any of the ones I've suggested. We had been thinking about Hyrum, well at least I thought we had. I told him the other day that I thought we should just go for Hyrum and he said no! He had told me that he liked that name but I guess that wasn't true because he went on to say how he would never call his son that and he wouldn't want to be called that either. I told him that he shouldn't tell me he likes a name if he really doesn't, I was a little upset because I was getting used to the idea of Hyrum.

Anyway on Sunday he finally wrote a list of names he liked so I looked through it and it made me laugh because he had written 2 names that I had on my list and he had told me he didn't like any of my names. When I asked him about it he said, "well I thought that one was okay so I wrote it". What a nutter! He makes me laugh though so that's good I guess. Anyway last night while we were in bed he said he'd been looking at my list of names again and he said he didn't mind two of them which he said were Jackson and Joshua. I've always really liked Joshua and he has told me how much he doesn't like it so I was surprised so I asked him about it and he said, "well I like Josh, not Joshua". HOW ANNOYING!!! Why tell me you like Johsua when you don't, I couldn't help but laugh!

So I guess the names we're thinking about now are Jackson and the one name I liked that Steve picked was Austin. I'm sure these names may change and Steve will tell me he really doesn't like them but what can you do? I guess we have 3 more months and maybe we'll just have a girl and it will make life a lot easier, well for the moment I guess, not the future as girls are WAY more emotional than boys! Truthfully I really don't mind if we have a girl or a boy, just as long as they're healthy. I just like to be prepared and have the names, one of the many differences between Steve and I, I'm always trying to be organised and he just think everything will be okay and we'll have time which I'm sure is true. I guess that's why you marry someone who has different ideas, it helps you learn and think things in a different way, however I still would like to have a name for our poor baby!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm going to count at you!

So I got home last night after eating out with the girls from our neighbourhood. I was pretty full and my already big belly felt even bigger so I was trying to relax, laying on Steve's lap. Spencer had been asking for his apple juice and I was waiting for Steve to get it but that wasn't happening. Next thing I know I feel this fast spray in my hair, then the smell hit me! Obviously Spencer didn't want to wait any longer so he had to get my attention somehow. He had found the sun tan spray on the counter and decided that the best way to make Mommy get up was to give a nice big spray of it in my hair, it was so funny!

He's such a little character. Yesterday he was all over the place, we're still trying to do the whole potty training, it's going okay but we'll see how much longer I can last! Anyway he had made a mess in the girls room with these bright orange crackers and then he got an orange and was stabbing it with this plastic knife. I didn't know he was doing that until he came and found me. When I took him to the kitchen there was sticky orange juice all over floor, just what I wanted to clean up? I was telling him how naughty that was and he replied by telling me, "I'm going to count at you". Obviously he's learning something, even if it's not going potty he sure knows that when you're in trouble we count!

It's just so hard to get mad at him though because he's so cute. We were at Steve's parents the other day and he kept pushing on their screen door so I was telling him off. Then I said if he did it again he was going time out. Obviously he did it again so I went to get him and he started running around the table so I had to try and chase him in all my pregnantness! He was just laughing and laughing, thinking it was hilarious, I had to turn away at one point because he was making me laugh. Why are they so cute, especially at those times when you're trying to tell them off? What a cheeky monkey, but he's just so cute!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Syd's Preschool Graduation!

It was Syd's last day of school today so I went at the end to watch while they had they're little graduation. They had made little hats and they got diplomas so it was really cute. We took a couple of pictures with her friends so she could remember everyone.

Syd has always had a crazy smile, she used to kind of tuck her lips under and now its turned into another crazy smile, I don't know how to describe it though. She's so funny!

(Thanks Heidi for the other pics seen as though I was there late, good job me, so thanks!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sleeping Cuties!

This morning Spencer and Madison were asleep in my bed, they looked so cute so I took a picture.

P.S. Spencer's potty training is going okay I guess, he peed a bunch of times in the evening yesterday but this morning he's doing okay so we'll see how it goes!?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Accident number 1!

Well it's been all of 10 minutes and Spencer already peed in his big boys! Alteast he was outside so he didn't get it in the house! I'm not sure how much longer this is going to last! It seemed like a good idea but maybe not really!!!

We'll see how this goes?

Today Spencer has already been potty 2 times so I thought we'd give the big boy underwear a whirl! I'm not quite sure how this is going to go but we'll see. He goes potty quite a bit but still pees in his diaper a lot too so today could be interesting. It might only last during the morning, it depends how patient I am, (I'm not a very patient person)! Anyway we'll see how it goes and I'll keep you updated!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nice and round!

Maddie took this picture of me on Saturday, she loves using the camera. I'm not a fan of getting pregnant pictures taken but seen as though Maddie took it I thought I'd add it on here, plus then my family can see me in all me bigness! I actually really don't care about getting big when I'm pregnant, it's just the getting smaller again afterwards but it's all worth it! Only just over 3 months to go now, YEAH!

(Note me lovely tan line from my watch, pretty impressive after only being in the sun a few times).

Friday, May 16, 2008

He's a real little man now!

So today we decided to go and visit Steve's Grandparents who are in our ward. Maddie was at school so I just had Spencer and Sydney. They were having a great time and Spencer didn't want to leave so I went to get Madison and then we stayed there for another 3 hours. It was a great afternoon and the weather was lovely.

Apart from being such a wonderful day I think the best part of my day today was Spencer's new discovery!

Trudy's (Trudy is our relative that lives behind Steve's Grandparents) grandson Cole needed to go potty while we were at Grandma's so we told him to go by the tree. He's almost 3 so he knows all about going potty outside and thinks it's great fun. Anyway just after we had told Cole to go potty by the tree Spencer decided he wanted to join Cole in this manly venture!

So Cole went potty and Spencer watched patiently and then when he was done Spencer decided it was his turn. Spencer took his shorts off then his diaper and started to pee. He's not potty trained yet but he goes potty at home when ever he feels like it so he kind of knew what he was doing. It was so funny to watch him though because he would kind of lean back and then he would try again. Of course he wouldn't put his diaper back on and was trying to go potty for about 10 minutes. We got a picture but it wasn't very modest and we thought we'd save him that embarrassment even though I guess he wasn't very embarrassed about running around Grandma's half naked!

After tinkling here and there around the pine tree like a puppy he decided he would try and go number two but I didn't think that was a very good idea so I quickly took him in the house and we did that on the toilet. Even once we got back outside he wanted to keep trying to pee, it was so funny.

When Steve got there after work we were telling him about it and showing him the picture, which by the way Spencer was saying a nice big cheese when it was taken! Steve said, "well it won't be long until he's standing at the ditch bank with his cousins, seeing who can pee the highest or the furthest".

Well that was my fun day, I guess what I learned from that is that boys really are VERY different from girls. Well I guess I already knew that but today just helped reconfirm it even more. It was pretty cute though!

Friday, May 9, 2008

What a great deal!

So I just got back from Albertsons and I'm sooo excited with the great deals I got! They already had a good sale but after using some coupons, instead of paying $175 I only had to pay $40, what a fantastic deal!!! My receipt was HUGE and the kids ran around like nutters but it was all worth saving that much money.

For that amazing price I got 20 boxes of cereal, 10 boxes of fruit snacks, 10 boxes of granola bars, 10 boxes of fruit roll ups and 4 bags of cookies, not bad! The only bad thing was when I got out to the car the receipt blew away so I had to chase it around the parking lot which wasn't too much fun and after I finally got it I wondered whether it was really worth it as my belly was aching.

Anyway I've been trying really hard with my food storage this year so deals like these are fantastic.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I know I said that I'm sure Spencer hurting his nose was the beginning to the injuries this summer but I didn't think another one would happen so fast. Tonight he decided to nose plant off the stool in the kitchen and this was the result. Not a very nice picture I know but this is what I saw when I walked in the kitchen. He kept saying, "this is not good". I'm sure his nose is probably broken by now after these two last events and a few weeks ago getting bashed with the swings twice. BOYS, it must be a boy thing!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My poor son!


Yesterday the kids were playing outside while I was at the store and I came home to my poor little son looking like this! He had fallen on the wooden stairs outside and had hit his head and bashed his nose to pieces, he looked like a clown at first, well he probably still does bless him. Anyway I took some pictures this morning before church, he would look so handsome without his lovely scrapes but oh well! Anyway life is good and I guess with summer round the corner this is probably just the beginning of all the cuts and scrapes they'll get in the next few months!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sydney's trip to Bear World

Today we went to Bear World for Sydney's preschool trip, she had such a good time. It was so nice just to be able to spend some time with her doing something different. We saw elk, deer, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, a moose, a buffalo, white lamas, and a few other little animals. It was cool to see the bears just walking around all over the place. One of her favourite parts was being able to pet the baby bears, they were so cute! They had a little petting zoo at the end but she wasn't into petting all the animals, only the deer. She was more worried about stepping on poop I think, which was all over the place!

We had to ride the bus there, that was her other favourite thing. She had already told Maddie that she was going to sit at the back of the bus and that is just what we did. We got bounced around all over the place back there but it was fun and as long as she had a good time I could handle feeling like I was on some kind of theme park ride!