Friday, December 12, 2008

Catching up!

The other night at enrichment we were all saying how we've been behind on blogging so I thought it was about time I catch up a little. I normally like to blog when I have some pictures so sometimes that's why I don't blog. This time I don't have that as an excuse because I have plenty of pictures, I've just been lazy, well just busy I guess!

First of all here's a little clip of Hadley laughing, she's so cute! I was talking to my sister and her family on skype the other day and my niece said, "Hadley has elf ears." I just laughed, I love my kids little ears, I love things that add character.

Madison turned 7, Dec 3rd. I can't believe that I have a 7 year old, that is just nuts. She wanted a MP3 player for her birthday so we got her a little pink one. She seems like she's too young to want an MP3 player but I guess when I was her age I had a walk man, I remember thinking that was pretty cool. We also gave her the new barbie Christmas movie which we've already watched about 5 times. We went out to eat at Fazoli's with Steve's Mom, Tre, Kaylie and Rod for her birthday, she loves the alfredo there and can eat about 2-3 helpings. Afterwards Sherisse came over to our house to give Maddie her present, a cool game called Hyper Dash, the kids all had to have a turn with that. Earlier in the day we had gone to the toy store so she could spend her birthday money from her Auntie Fay. She ended up getting a tinkerbell barbie and Oliver and Lilly barbies from the Hannah Montana show, pretty good for only $20, (she's learnt to be a good bargain hunter like me). My Mom also gave her some money so we went the next day and got her this nice big keyboard. She has wanted to take piano lessons but we haven't started yet so I'm going to try and teach her a little. It came with a book so we've done a little bit already, she's so cute, she wants to learn all the time. She really is a lovely girl and is always so helpful, well maybe not always but most of the time. She loves to help with Hadley and I love that too, she's such a good girl and I feel blessed to be her Mom. I'm just nervous about her getting older, I hope she keeps being a nice girl to everyone. This past Sunday one of the girls from the other ward came up to me and told me how impressed she was with Maddie because she was so nice to her son at school. That made me feel so happy to know she's being nice to others, I guess I'm doing something right even though I feel like I'm all over the place most days. I love you Maddie, you're the BEST!

Steve's Mom has this cool old bouncer at her house, it's actually from Grandma Johnson's house, she used it with her kids. Anyway all my kids have used it so last Sunday they put Hadley in it. She didn't quite get the bouncing part but the other kids sure loved it. They all watched her and of course Spencer tried to bounce her in it. I've tried to find a nice bouncer in the stores but I've never found one I've liked. I love this one though, it looks kind of funny but I think it's great. I'm glad Grandma kept it around because my kids have loved it.
The other day I put Hadley in the bath and she absolutely loved it. Every now and again she would turn her head and then she would quickly turn her head back because she had gotten a little bit of water in her mouth, it was so funny.
Spencer fell asleep on me the other night and was getting really sweaty. He's been needing a hair cut for a while but I haven't got round to that either. Anyway I was playing with his hair and this was the end result, I thought it looked pretty funny. Oh yeah, once again he had drawn all over himself, he keeps telling me he's a super hero after he does it, I have no idea where he gets that from. His hair did remind me of Syndro (I think that's his name) from Incredibles though.
I had Hadley in the bouncer the other morning and I just went in the kitchen to do something for a minute and this is what I came back to. Obviously I hadn't buckled her in properly, whoops!!!Hadley loves to stand up so I got the walker out the other day. She's used it a few times, she can kind of get the toys, she's starting to get better at that all the time. Even though she hasn't used it too much someone else has really enjoyed using it. Good old Spencer thinks it's so cool to get in it and roll himself around all over the place, I just hope he doesn't decide to give Hadley a ride one day and push her down the stairs, that wouldn't be very funny!

Well I'm all caught up for now, until I get behind again!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Toys Anyone?

The other day we got some of the baby toys out for Hadley. I put a few by her and was on the computer for just a minute. I turned around a minute later and this is what I saw! Spencer had decided that Hadley just didn't have quite enough toys so covered her in all of them!!!
Oh yeah, do you like the nice yellow marker on Spencer's face? He had it all over his hands too. He came in to show me and was so proud of himself, he told me he was a super hero.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Latest pro pictures

These are the latest pictures we had taken of the kids. We went for Hadley's 3 month pictures and Maddie's 7 year old pics. They turned out good, I would have liked to have had some of Hadley smiling but they were in a rush so they zoomed through the whole thing. I always try and get one of the kids altogether, this was the best picture. Sydney is so funny, she's always the one that has some kind of goofy face, I love it! Madison is getting so big and so beautiful. She has wanted to get her hair cut short for a while but I wasn't sure. We did a mid length which I liked but this time she was determined to get it shorter. We called my friend Jessica ($8 a cut girls, what a great deal and she's really good) the night before to see if she had time and she was so nice and said come right over, THANK YOU! Anyway Maddie got the hair cut she wanted and it looked so cute, she looks so big now. She wasn't actually 7 for the pictures, they were taken last week, she'll be 7 tomorrow though, how crazy is that!

I really do love my kids, they're all getting so big, it's madness! Hadley is rolling over all the time now, Spencer is just a total boy who tries my patience almost 50 times a day, hahaha, Sydney is just Sydney, she makes me laugh all the time, she's the greatest! Madison is such a girl, she has her little crush which she gets so embarrassed about but it's so cute. I truly am so blessed to have such great kids. People may look at me and think I'm pretty laid back which most of the time I am, but I do get mad at my kids sometimes and I wish I didn't. They are so precious and I don't want them to ever think I don't love them or aren't here for them whenever they need me because they mean the world to me. It's crazy to think it's been 7 years since we had Madison and I can't believe she'll be getting baptised next year, man I'm getting old!

Anyway I just love my family, I'm so lucky and so blessed!