Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Picture diary

Here is a lot of what we've been up to lately. After loading these pictures I realised they are all of my three youngest kids, whoops! Since the girls have started school all we've done is pretty much hang out at home, run errands and I started to work out. Spencer and Hadley just love Austin, they love to hold him and give him kisses. Every morning when Steve leaves for work, he kisses us all goodbye but if he ever forgets Austin, Hadley always reminds him. I love my little monkey's, they're all so lovely. Austin started to smile which is great, he even tries to laugh sometimes which is pretty cute. I'm so grateful I get to stay home with my kids, it's such a wonderful blessing. I get to see all the new things they do, whether they're good or bad, hahaha :) I LOVE MY FAMILY!

First day of school

I'm so behind on blogging so I thought I would quickly add some posts and some pictures. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the girls before their first day of school but at least I got one afterwards right, hahaha! I was glad school was starting again and so were they but neither of us were glad about how early they have to get up. They have to be outside for the bus at 7:35am which is pretty early. So far school has been great for the girls and great for me :) Now we just need Spencer to start preschool, that will be lovely :) Not that I don't love my kids, it's just nice to have a break and it's nice to run errands with only 2 kids.