Friday, September 25, 2009

Quick update!

I've been slacking on the whole blogging scene again! I feel like I've been getting a ton done lately but it's a ton of different things than I normally do. I been canning so much which is great but I've neglected my house and obviously this! I thought I would just add a few pictures of what has been going on this past month.

Steve took the kids to the Blackfoot fair, I had to stay home with sicko Maddie because she was throwing up. I did get chance to go to the fair another night though with my good friend Kristy though. She had tickets to a concert so we went together and had a really fun time, we even learnt a lovely new dance move, hahaha!

Me and some of my friends have put together a little preschool for our 3 years olds. We went to the zoo for our first field trip and had a great time. The kids were so cute, especially when we tried to squeeze them all onto the metal tiger they have there.

One night I came home and found the girls on the couch like this. At first I didn't see Syd because she was wedged in the crack of the couch, I just thought that was pretty cute!
So the BYU season has started so the other weekend we had the Stakers over to have lunch and watch the game. Just as we were starting to get all our kids their food Hadley grabbed the 2 gallon jug that was full of pink lemonade and pulled it. It went all over the floor in the dining room and I wasn't too impressed but I tried to stay calm about it. Then later as we were watching the game Natalie had an accident in her knickers which was quite the treat for poor Kristy. We didn't think it could get much worse than that until they were getting ready to leave. Natalie said she didn't feel good so Allan rushed her into the kitchen so if she threw up it would be in the sick. Next thing we hear was this big splash and I thought, he can't have missed the sink and then I looked over and saw poop ALL over the floor, DISGUSTING!!! We all just cracked up and couldn't stop laughing. Poor Natalie had thrown up but had also pooped all over Allan's legs and the floor. I'm laughing about as I write this, it really was funny even though it was REALLY BAD! It's a good thing BYU won because otherwise I don't think we would have all thought it was so funny. POOR ALLAN, at least he was a good sport! (I'm still laughing now, hahaha)!

Hadley is getting so big! She started to walk just after she turned 1 (the day after labour day). Since then she has been walking all over the place. I think she could have walked earlier but she just didn't want to and then one day finally decided maybe I'll try that walking thing. The other day we found her sitting in Syd's chair downstairs, she looked so proud of herself, it was too cute! Later Steve went to pick her up and something was missing, her diaper! My kids are so cute, of course I'm not too biased???

Besides all this fun stuff I've been canning, trying to get the school Halloween carnival put together (I volunteered to be in charge) and just doing normal RS stuff. Life is pretty nuts but I'm glad that I'm able to help do so many things. Canning has been wearing me out but it's also alot of fun. I'll have to blog about all that later because I want to take pictures aswell. Life is good though and even though there lots of craziness along the way it's all worth it in the end!

On a quick side note. Another thing that happened this month was that Syd smashed up another one of her fingers. I got a call from the school saying they thought she had broken her finger, thank goodness he didn't but she ripped her nail out of the bed and it looked pretty bad. My kids just keep injuring themselves all the time. Maybe one day they'll settle down a little or maybe one day they really will break something and I won't be surprised!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

RS Super Saturday Blog

I just finished putting our blog together for our upcoming Super Saturday. We have tons of cute things so I thought I would share what we're doing with everyone.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Busy Busy

I thought once the kids went back to school my life would slow down but I was VERY mistaken. I think it's actually got worse. Plus the fact that I'm a total sucker doesn't help because I make my life even more busy than it could be by saying I'll do sorts of things. There are just so many things going on, I volunteered to be in charge of the school Halloween carnival (what was I thinking). I volunteered to by Syd's room Mom because no one else did. Super Saturday is coming up so we've been planning and trying to get ready for that, then I've been canning, peeling and chopping carrots (that made my hands turn orange) and gardening tons. Then we're starting a ward craft group that I said I would be in charge of this month so I had to get that put together. Now I'm trying to get my RS lesson ready for tomorrow, well actually today I guess. It's just nuts!!! I really should be in bed but I just wanted to sit down and relax for just a minute. Man, why do I do this to myself, I TRULY AM NUTS, hahaha!!!

I canned 20 quarts and 7 pints of beans.
I canned 14 quarts of pears today all by myself, I was impressed.
This is just the small tubs of carrots I peeled and sliced. I still need to freeze them all. Plus I have 2 more bags of unpeeled ones in the garage!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Preschool here I come!

My good friend Arin put together a preschool which me and about 6 of my friends are all going to take turns teaching. Spencer will go every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11am and today is his first day. When he woke up I told him today was the day to go to preschool, he was so excited! He didn't even want to have breakfast, he just wanted to go but I convinced him to have something. Once he got all dressed we took a few pictures, the first one didn't turn out because he was jumping around too much. He was bouncy around like a mad man but it was so cute. I love the first picture because it looks like he's saying, ta da, check me out!!! He's so cute even though he has a whopping goose egg in the middle of his forehead, hahaha. I just hope he's a good boy. I love you little man and all the funny things you do and say. You're getting too big!