Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kids Pictures

Last Saturday we went to get the kids pictures taken. Hadley was a month old that day so we got a couple of pictures of her, this was the best one. I always try and get a picture of all the kids every time I go because most of the time they never work out.
This picture actually wasn't too bad except for Sydney's lovely smile! She's so funny, I try and get her to smile normally but she thinks this is normal so whatever I guess. At least it will remind me of what she was like at this age.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bloggy Award

So Kristy nominated me for a bloggy award so I thought I try and nominate some other people. I'm really bad at all these tags, I either don't do them or I do them wrong but I'll give this one a try. Plus I don't think I was the winner but I thought it would be fun to do anyway so I could talk about my friends! It will be hard to narrow it down to 7 people though. I love reading every ones blogs, especially lots of my friends that live so far away from me.
1. This is one of my great friends Nancy that I grew up with. She's younger than me but I love her so much. Her family are fantastic and still live in England and she has just moved to Hawaii so I love to read her blog so I can see what she's up to. She had her first little girl just before I had Hadley so it's fun to see how she's growing and how cute she is. I really miss Nancy, it was so nice having her live so close by and now she's 1000's of miles away.

2. Arin is one of my really good friends in my ward. I visit teach her and we work together in RS which is lots of fun. We only live a few streets away from each other, we're in the same ward so I see her a lot but it's so nice to read her blogs and see what her and her cute kids are up to.

3. Jessica just moved into our ward and I think she's lovely! She's on the enrichment board with me so it's been fun to get to know her. Her blog is always so cute, her little girl is so cute and I love all the stories she tells about her and all the funny things she says and does.

4. This is Nancy's sister JaNae, she is the same age as my sister. Anyway we hadn't been in contact for a long time so being able to read her blogs has been great. She's such an amazing women, much like her mother who I think is super women, mom, everything. Anyway her 3 kids are about the same age as mine so it's fun to see what she's up too, plus she lives so far away so it's nice to keep updated with everything.

5. Heidi is one of my good friends as well. We used to be in the same ward but not anymore. We still live in the same neighbourhood but I don't see her very much. Last year our girls were in the same preschool and this year we had babies at the same time so it's nice to see how she's coping with life with a new baby and kids in school.

6. Joanne is new in our ward and I have the pleasure of visiting teaching her so I've been able to get to know her quite a bit. Anyway I think she's wonderful! I love reading her blog because she has such a cool style about her, she's pretty trendy I think but in a cool way. (She shares her blog with her twin sister too which is cool). Anyway I don't know how to say this, so I'm sorry if this sounds weird, anyway! She has a hard time sometimes and I know life isn't always easy for her but I think she does so well. I look at my life and think it's hard sometimes but I don't have to deal with what she does so I think she's amazing!!!

7. Heidi is one of my friends from England. She was older than me but we knew each other and I always thought she was cool because she seemed a lot like me, I'm not trying to say I thought I was cool by the way, well maybe I am, I was pretty cool back in the day if I do say so myself, hahaha!?! Anyway she lives in Canada now, she married a missionary from our mission too so we're are quite a bit alike, he even served the same time as Steve so it's funny. Anyway she has become a great friend, I really treasure our friendship. It's so fun to read her blogs to see what's going on in her life up in Canada ayy!

I have to give shout out to Natalie as well because I think she's great. We've been in the same ward forever but it hasn't really been until I started to read her blog that I knew what she was really like, I think she's so funny, she always makes me laugh when I read her blogs. Also I think Jodi is great and very funny as well. She's so cute especially when she talks about having her new baby. I think she's a great Mom and I'm glad she's in my ward. I would have also talked about Kristy as well but she is the one that nominated me. Anyway she really is a wonderful friend and I've been so glad that she has moved into my ward. It's so fun to hang out with them because our kids are all pretty much the same age. Also I'm glad my very dear friend Shera now has her blog up and running again. Even though she just lives across the street it's still fun to see her blog, she's amazing!

Really I just love all my friends and family, I could talk about all of them. I feel so lucky to have so many amazing friends from the good old days in England and now here. I used to worry that I would never find friends here like I had at home but I have so thank you to you all, I love all of you and am grateful to have each of you in my life.

Monsters in our specials!!!

So last night we were sitting down eating dinner and Spencer said the funniest thing. I guess before I write what he said I should let you know that my kids call their private parts specials. When the girls were little we would tell them not to touch them because they were special so now they're known as specials. Anyway the tv was on while we were eating and this commercial came on about being sick and how we get bugs in our chest. Spencer was watching this and what he saw was little monsters inside of us so he said, "we have monsters in our specials," we all cracked up laughing. How funny our kids are sometimes!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Today has been a wonderful day, full of laundry and cleaning up!? I already had laundry to do today but that got doubled last night due to Hadley spitting up on our sheets and Spencer peeing on our blanket. I don't really mind doing laundry, well I don't mind putting it in the washer and dryer but the folding part really is not my favourite thing to do.
Anyway I didn't write this post to talk about that, I mainly was just wanting to put a couple of new pictures of Hadley and Spencer on here. (I thought the one of Hadley with her worried fore head was funny because it made her look even more like me). This weekend Steve and I went to watch the BYU game which was great but very exhausting because we went down to Utah and back in one day. We took Hadley with us and she did so good. It was so hot so we had to strip her down but she did so good in the car and at the game. Steve's Mom watched the rest of the kids for us so that was so wonderful of her, once again I am very grateful to have such amazing in laws!
Yesterday we were over at Steve's parents and the kids were all painting and all of sudden Spencer tipped over and bashed his head on the chair. He got a lovely bruise on the side of his face by his eye, I guess it's a black eye really. Anyway after struggling to get him to take a nap today I looked over and he was laying in this really cute pose so I took a picture of him, also a close up of his eye. He's getting so big and so smart but also a little cheeky but he's so cute it's hard to get too mad at him.

Just another little bit of info for you! Last night the kids went to bed a bit too late seen as though they had school the next day. Anyway we got Maddie off to school but Syd just made it. She didn't get out of bed until 11.20am and that's only because I woke her up. She would sleep all day if we let her, she's so funny.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love my little sister

Spencer stayed in his bed all night for the first time on Sunday night which was very nice. He normally comes in my room around 6am or so and goes back to sleep which I don't mind but it'll be nice when he stops. Anyway Monday morning I could hear him waking up so Hadley and I went to go and see him. He always gets excited when he sees Hadley in the mornings so I decided to lay her next to him. He thought that was great. He kept stroking her head saying, hi Hadley. He then got his blanket and covered her up too and gave her a lovely cuddle, it was so cute. It's so nice to see him like this. He really is a good boy but he's ALL boy so he can be quite nuts sometimes, well a lot of the time. Anyway it's nice to see him being softer and loving to Hadley, hopefully it will last!