Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did I mention she's CHEEKY!!!

VERY cute but VERY cheeky

Hadley really is such a wonderful baby, I've been so blessed to have her, especially after my little man Spencer. Spencer is lovely but he's been a lot of work, I don't know how people think boys are easier??? Anyway Hadley is really getting more of her own little personality. She's very cheeky and sneaky which is quite funny but last week she really showed us how silly she is. Steve and I started to hear some splashing in the bathroom which really isn't anything unusual because my kids love to play in the sink and make lots of mess. We went in the bathroom to find out what had happened and this is what we found!

When we first found her she thought it was quite funny but as soon as she realised she couldn't get out she wasn't too impressed. All the kids thought it was hilarious and it was. I was mostly glad my other kids had flushed the toilet the last time they went because they are REALLY bad at that. That really would have been DISGUSTING!

She really is so lovely! Last night while we were having dinner she decided to pick the bowl up and shove it in her face. Then she started styling her hair, she looked wonderful!? She has the cheekiest smile and she just thinks everything is so funny. I love this little girl so much, she's the best. I've loved having another little girl, Maddie and Syd are getting so big so it's nice having a little girl again. My kids are the greatest, I'm so blessed!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More crazy sleeping!

These aren't the craziest places to fall asleep but it just amazes me how many times my kids can fall asleep in so may different places. The other night Spencer fell asleep under all the toys again, I don't know why but this happens quite often. This time though the bears weren't enough, he had to add some movies to the mix. I saw him gather them all up under the bears with him and the next thing I knew he was fast asleep, so funny!
Then today I came home from the store and I was downstairs for just a minute. I went back upstairs and couldn't hear Hadley so I went looking for her. She likes to lock herself in rooms so I thought maybe she had done that but I was wrong, I found her on the floor in my room. She had found a pile of her blankets I had just washed and folded and fell fast asleep. My crazy kids!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My handsome little man

My handsome little man turned 4 last week, I can't believe it! Time goes by so fast, I remember when I found out I was having a boy, I was so excited. I don't think Steve believed it until he was actually born though. He was so excited about having his birthday, he really wanted a party but I didn't want to do a friend one, he's still kind of small but we had lots of fun anyway.

We went to lunch with Steve's family, Spencer got to choose so we ended up going to McDonald's. After that we went bowling and of course I didn't take my camera. I ended up winning the first game but played pants the 2nd game but it was still fun. Going bowling reminded us of the day Spencer was born, we went bowling with Steve's family and some of our friends. After bowling just a couple of times I felt like I had peed myself. I went to check and I hadn't so I went back to bowl but it happened again, that's when I realised it was my water breaking. It was 3 weeks before his due date so I wasn't too ready but I was really excited. Not excited enough to leave, I sat there while everyone else bowled, crazy huh! It was a really different labour with Spencer, I didn't feel hardly any contractions which was very nice but when they would check me they would say his head felt different, that it wasn't in the right position. Finally after about 4 different people checking me, getting to 8cm and them trying to pop a second sack of water, I had an ultra sound and they realised he was breach. I ended up getting a c-section and he had a lovely little scratch on his head from where they tried to break the other sack of water, hmmm? A lovely adventure but all VERY worth it.

Anyway back to Spencer's birthday. After bowling we went to a couple of stores and then we went to dinner to the "tomato place" which for everyone else is Fazoli's. We got Spencer a lemon ice and ate lots of yummy food. Then it was off to Sub Zero, none of us had been there before. It was pretty cool, the kids loved the smoke and how cold it was. All in all it was a wonderful day and we finished it off by going home and opening presents. He had a great day and loved all his presents. Even Hadley loved the presents. She kept getting cars for Spencer to put in his new dump truck, it was pretty cute.
On Sunday we had cake and ice cream with Steve's family. He decided on an army cake which I was glad about because before that he talked about having a Mator and screaming banche ( I don't know how to spell that) cake. He had the funniest smiles when I took the pictures of him with his cake, it was so cute. He got even more lovely toys from Steve's family and some money from Gma and Gpa Johnson. They came after we had done the cake and presents so when they walked through the door Spencer told them they had missed all the fun. He's such a funny boy, also VERY nuts and CRAZY. He is definitely all boy and makes me quite tired but I love him so much. Everyone always told me boys were easier but I'm not sure I believe that. Hopefully when he gets bigger that will be true. Even if it's not I wouldn't trade him and all his craziness for the world. He really has me wrapped around his finger which is bad but he's just too cute for his own good. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Spencer, your my handsome little man and you're my best Spencer in the whole world!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Families are Forever

Today when I was on facebook I was looking through my friends status's when I came across one that made me so sad. It was one of our friends from college. Steve worked with her husband while he went to Ricks. We weren't best friends but we saw them abit and did a few things with them. Anyway she had written that her little boy didn't make it through surgery. Of course this is something that would make you sad anyway but I remember finding her on facebook a while ago and finding out she had lost her 2nd little boy to SIDS. So after reading this morning that her new little son who was about 14 months had passed away, I just couldn't believe it. I guess he fell and hit his head and had bleeding on his brain so that had to do a really BIG surgery.

Just this morning I was thinking how glad I was that my girls were back in school, not that they were bad over Christmas break but I was glad to be able to have some time with Spencer and Hadley and get some cleaning etc... done. I'm not the most patient person as I've said many times and I know I get too stressed at my kids but I love them sooo much. I would never change the craziness I have in my life, it's all worth it because I'm blessed to have 4 healthy kids.

I don't really know what to write but I just wanted to remember how I felt after reading such sad news. I really am thankful for the gospel in my life. It doesn't make trials less hard but it makes us understand them more and know there are reasons to everything we go through. We may not always see those reasons but if we stay strong and remember that as long as we endure and do what is right we will be blessed beyond measure one day. We will be able to live with our families forever, what an amazing blessing, to know we are not just going to be with our loved ones in this life but FOREVER!!! I'm so grateful to my parents for joining the church so I could have this wonderful knowledge in my life. I'm grateful for my testimony and for the faith I have and I hope I can teach my children all the amazing things my parents taught me. I love my family so much and I'm grateful that I KNOW that FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!!