Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's see how is goes???

So I'm finally doing it! Tonight will be the night we finally let Hadley just scream through the night. I'm just getting sooo tired and she hasn't been getting better, she's been getting worse. Her first 4 months of life she was great. She would eat at 8pm, then 2am and then 5am so it wasn't too bad at all. She would just go right back to sleep so I didn't really mind. The last month has been so bad though. She started to wake up at 11pm too which wouldn't be so bad but she would never burp. I would try and try but then I would get so tired that I would lay her down and then an hour later she would fuss again because she needed to burp. Then she's been having nights where she wakes up every 2 hours or is kind of awake and won't go back to sleep so I have to get Steve to swing her in her car seat because my arms are too tired to do it by that point. Anyway I'm just wrecked so we decided it's time! I'm ready to be done with getting up all the time in the night but I'm not ready to hear her cry and cry and cry and cry. It's going to be hard but we'll see how it goes. My poor little baby, she has no idea what is going to happen tonight, I feel so bad.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been a slacker!

I've been such a slacker when it comes to blogging. I tried hard to catch up before Christmas but since then I haven't posted anything. Even now I'm too tired to do any blogging but I wanted to post these cute pictures of Hadley that we took on Sunday. She's 5 months old today, I can't believe it. She's getting so big and chubby, well chubby for one of our babies. Anyway we all love her and I thought these pictures were super cute.