Sunday, June 28, 2009

Before our trip to England

Well I finally have a minute to try and catch up on blogging. The month before we left to go to England was so busy and there was so much to do I got so behind on blogging. I thought I would just add a few pictures of some of the things we did in the month of May so here goes!

Maddie played in her first volleyball tournaments this spring. She had little practises for 2 years before that but this year they got to play games and she loved it. Her team looked so cute and did so well. They played in the U10 division and most the kids on Maddie's team were 7-8 years old. Maddie got so much better towards the end and got about 18 serves in her last tournament.

Maddie also had her end of year class program, the kids were so cute and did so well. It was hard to get pictures but I got a couple of video clips. Maddie did so well at school this past year, she's growing up way to fast, she's such a good girl.

Steve and I went out on a date before we left for England. We took Hadley with us and she was chowing down on the fries. She loves food but you would never guess that because she's so tiny. Another day Steve gave the kids a bath and decided to put lots of crazy things on Hadley. She really is so cute, we love having her in our family.

Sydney had her kindergarten graduation which was fun. They sang lots of fun songs and got their diploma's. She did so well at school this year and learnt a lot. She got a special prize for getting top marks on one of her tests and also got a certificate for having perfect attendance.
Besides all of this, we had the school carnival which I helped at, it was tons of fun. We even won an ipod and a gift certificate. Also I had to pack for our 4 week trip to England and buy things for my family to take with us. To add to the madness we ended up buying a car the day we were going to Utah to leave for England. My poor neighbour and great friend Shera was so nice and watched my kids most of the day so I could run around like a mad women, THANK YOU!!! It was a fun month though even though it was pretty nuts. Maybe soon I'll catch up on June and our trip to England but first I should probably get my house in order as it's a disaster!

Rod and Mollie's Idaho Reception

So, we're home and all pretty shattered but we're back! We got back really late, 1:30am Saturday morning and the kids didn't sleep again until 9:30pm that night. Maddie wasn't feeling too good and had a couple of naps but by the evening she was feeling better. I think the thing that helped the most was that it was Rod and Mollie's wedding reception, it kept us all going and awake.

It was a fun night, the kids had fun bringing in all the presents and playing with Mollie's nieces and nephews. It was nice to see some of our family and friends here after being away for so long. I was lame and didn't take very many photos but here's a couple I took. Hadley is big into waving these days and was waving at everyone the whole time, it was pretty cute. When we got Spencer dressed we tried to do his top button on his shirt but he told Steve it was killing him so we had to leave it undone. The girls got to wear their princess dresses again, they all looked so cute.
Rod and Mollie looked so happy and good together. We're excited to have her as part as our family. It'll be sad they're not living close to all of us up here but hopefully we'll still get to see them a lot. Congratulations Rod and Mollie, we're so happy for you. I'm sad I wasn't there for the wedding but I'm glad I was able to get back for the reception up here. I love Steve's family, they're so great, it's so nice to be back here with them but also sad to leave my family.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Better late than never!

Well once again it's been a long time since I've posted anything on here and I'm not actually going to catch up on all of that today either. The reason I wanted to post today was to let my Dad and Steve know how much I love them.

This year for fathers day we weren't with Steve because he had gone back to America after spending 2 weeks in England with us and my family. It was sad not being with him and it was SUPER crazy in sacrament meeting without him. All in all for me it was quite a manic day, I felt abit blahhh and I was so tired. After having a day like that it truly made me appreciate Steve WAY more than I already do. He is such an amazing Dad and husband. He helps me so much with the kids, especially when I get stressed out and need a break. It has been so nice to be here but I have really missed Steve these past 2 weeks. I feel so blessed to have married a man who loves me so unconditionally and puts up with me. I know lots of people think I'm super laid back which I am most of the time but behind closed doors I am quite a stress head. Anyway thank you Steve for loving me, for being the best Dad and husband ever, for working hard every day so we are able to have all the wonderful things we have, YOU ARE THE BEST and I LOVE YOU and can't wait to see you in a few days, YIPPEE!!!
Now onto my Dad! I love my Dad, he really is the best. Growing up I think I was quite cheeky to my Dad but my Dad was and still is always there for me whenever I need him. My Dad organised a FAB holiday to Scarborough which my kids absolutely loved, (I'll write more about that later). It was so nice to spend so much time with him before he had to go and have a major surgery. Going to see him after the surgery was reassuring but also sad. I'm used to my Dad being so strong and to see him frail and weak was hard. My Dad raised me to be strong in the gospel and to stand up for what I believe in and not to be afraid to say it. I am so grateful for that and grateful to be his daughter, to have been taught so many amazing lessons and to have had so many wonderful experiences with him and all our family. I really do love you Dad and I'm so glad you're surgery went well. You're so strong and I know it's hard but keep with it. Thanks for always putting up with me even when I'm cheeky, I love you!