Monday, September 27, 2010

Hunting pro's

Sydney and Spencer are HILARIOUS!!! They're always creating things out of twigs, paper. weeds, or pretty much anything they can find. This is one the latest things they have been making, their own bows and arrows. I'm glad they're so creative, I think it's great, well except for when they bring all their lovely creations into my house. Summer has been so much fun for them because they've been able to do so many fun things outside. I don't know what they're going to do when it starts getting colder??? I'm sure they'll think of something though ;)

Going on a frog hunt

Last month we went up to our friends Kristy and Allan's family cabin with their family and the Layton's. It was nice to get away and just play games, eat good food and spend time with our great friends :) The kids had a blast, playing outside, making movies with Syd's camera and finding lots of bugs, little frogs and one big toad/frog whatever it was. I just thought this picture was cute, plus I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have such amazing friends, it was a great weekend :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

My cheeky monkey

I love this little girl sooo much and because life has been a little nuts lately I have been slacking on the whole blogging thing. Anyway this cutie pie turned 2 last month and we tried really hard to make he day special. First of all we went to the zoo with Steve's Mom and Trish's kids. We then all met Steve, his Dad and Steph at her favourite place to eat for lunch which was McDonald's of course :) After that we went to Reid's dairy to get ice cream. We weren't able to get out and see the cows because we had to get home but the ice cream was delicious. We opened presents when Steve got home which all the kids were excited about. Then due to my laziness and for fun we went out to eat for dinner at Red Robin because they sing happy birthday there and all the kids love that. Hadley had a SUPER day and enjoyed her free birthday desert (as you can see in the above picture). She really is the cutest little thing. She is so loving towards Steve and I, she's just too cute for her own good.