Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm amazed!

Today I took the kids to get pictures taken at JCPenny's. I was mainly getting Hadley's 2 year old pictures and Austin's newborn ones but I always try and get one of all the kids every time I go because it's so hard to get good ones of them all together. I thought I would get the group one out of the way first, mainly because last time we went to get pictures Hadley was quite nervous so I thought if she went with everyone it would help her. I was WRONG!!! She was not about to co operate easily AT ALL! The pictures turned out pretty good though, you wouldn't really know how hard it was to make her actually be in the pictures. Next it was Austin's turn and he just slept the whole time and let the lady do whatever she wanted. Then it was onto Hadley and I was pretty sure it was going to be a nightmare but we actually got her to take some cute pictures. There was more bribing involved but she did it and that was all that mattered. I know I'm biased but I think my kids are pretty cute :) It's still abit nuts to think I have 5 kids now but I'm so glad and HAPPY to have each of them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our new little man

(Here's just a few pictures, I will make a slide show later)

Austin Everett Pettingill

He's finally here and we're all sooo happy!!!

I had been scheduled to get induced Monday 9th Aug which I was happy about but at the same time I was still hoping I would go into labour on my own. After a fun Johnson reunion with lots of laughs and yummy food we went home Sunday night and started getting everything ready to go for the morning. While I was washing my face I thought I felt a contraction but I had been feeling pains all the time so I wasn't sure. It was almost 10pm at that point and I was tired so I went to lie down and the contractions kept coming every 10-15 minutes. I was REALLY hoping these weren't fake like the ones the week before so I didn't tell Steve for a while. After a while they started coming closer together so I thought I would walk around for abit which made the contractions even closer.

Just before 1am I decided we should probably go to the hospital so I woke Steve up and we got ready to go. I never know when to go in, I don't want to be too early or too late but this time more than anything I just wanted to go because I was having a v-back and I felt more safe at the hospital than at home. We left Mom with the kids until we knew if we would really be having the baby or not (that didn't take long so Sherisse picked her up and Steph stayed with the kids). We got there at about 1:30am and I knew I was in for a long night. The nurse checked me and I was already close to 7cm which I was surprised about. I had kind of decided to get an epidural at that point, not so much for the pain, just because I felt safer if anything crazy would have happened due to trying a v-back. Dr Leavitt got there a little while later (at about 2:30am) and told me I was already at 9cm and he also broke my water so I wasn't sure whether there was really any point to get an epidural because we thought I would be having the baby pretty quick but that didn't happen.

I stayed at 9cm for a while, the contractions were still coming but not very fast anymore so they ended up giving me some pitt which was NOT fun :( It didn't take long for it to kick in and when it did it absolutely killed and I was in LOTS of pain and wishing I had got the epidural but it was too late. It took about 30-45 minutes and it was time to push . I was in so much pain at that point I was excited to push but when I finally did it was even more painful but I just wanted to be done so I pushed as hard as I could and as close together as I could. The doctor had asked Steve if he wanted to help deliver the baby but I think Steve was too worried about me because I was having a hard time so he said no. At 4:46am I was done, it took about 6-7 pushes and only a few minutes and as soon as he came out I felt a HUGE relief. It all just seemed so unreal but also so amazing. I remember thinking "maybe this really should be the last baby" when I was in so much pain but now I think if there is any more little Pettingill's to come I will FOR SURE be getting the epidural next time.

It was so great to be able to hold our little squished up man as soon as I delivered him, he looked just like the rest of my kids. They took him off to clean him up and weigh him but it was so nice to be right there while they did all of it this time. We had been thinking maybe he would be 7lbs something but we were wrong. He weighed 8lbs 9ozs and was 21.5 inches long so he's my second biggest baby and my 4th baby to be born on a Monday. Syd was born on a Friday and was 6lbs 6ozs, all the others have been 8lbs or more on a Monday, kind of funny. It was so nice to have my Mom and Steve's Mom there this time. Sherisse has been able to be there each time we've had a baby but this time my Mom made it, what a great blessing that was.

Once all the excitement was over Mom and Sherisse went back home to get some rest, the nurses took the baby (we hadn't named him yet) to get all cleaned up and checked out and Steve and I went to my new room and had a nap for about an hour. We were both SHATTERED!!! There wasn't too much time to rest though but we were excited to see our new little man again. He wasn't so squished up so we were able to check him out more and figure out what we wanted to name him. We pretty much decided on Austin Everett but we wanted to make sure the kids felt like they were deciding too so when they came we asked them what they thought about it, they all agreed so that's when we really made the decision. The kids came just after lunch with my Mom, Sherisse, Brad and Steph it was a bit of a mad house but that is just how it will be when we get home too :) The kids were sooo excited to see their new brother, Hadley wasn't too sure about it and really didn't want to sit with me on the bed, I think it all worried her abit. They all had a few turns to hold him and had lots of questions about everything. Later in the day Trish came with her kids and Sherisse, Grandma Johnson came down for a minute from her room (she's still in the hospital), Arin and Kristy came (Alan for a second too), Natalie popped in for a minute and then Val, Karen and Bryce came too after seeing Gma. It was so nice to see everyone and receive everyone's messages on facebook so THANKS. By the end of the day though I was exhausted so I fed Austin and let the nursery nurses take care of him while I got some sleep. He came back in at about 2am and then again after 6am so I was able to get lots of rest which I was VERY grateful for.

It's now Tuesday morning and I'm all ready to go home :) They just bought Austin back in and he's fast asleep. He's just sooo lovely. He fits right in our little family, lots of the same features and blond hair. We'll have to see whether he has blue eyes or hazel like me and Hadley. What a miracle it is to have this new little baby, it's always so crazy and amazing to me to think that I actually had him inside me all this time and that he actually fit :) I feel so blessed to be a Mom and to have this great privilege to raise my children. I feel honoured that Heavenly Father has such trust in me, that he would let me be a Mom to 5 amazing children. I'm not the most patient Mom but I do love my kids. They mean the world to me and I feel so blessed to have my little family. I have an amazing husband who works so hard to provide for our family which lets me stay home with the kids. He's a FANTASTIC Dad and would do anything for any of us. Austin will love getting to know his Dad and his crazy older brother Spencer. Just thinking about my family makes me smile, it's unbelievable sometimes to think I have been married for almost 10 years and that Steve and I now have 5 children.

I'm just so happy, a little uncomfortable but EXTREMELY HAPPY :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The end is in sight

So today I went to the doctors for a check up and I was hoping something had changed since last week, especially because I had been having some contraction this past Saturday night and Sunday. Of course it was still the same but oh well! There was some good news though, I was able to schedule getting induced for this coming Monday, Aug 9th :) I have never had to be induced, I always just go into labour. The last two times I've been 3 and 2 weeks early so I was hoping for the same this time. No such luck but I do hope I go into labour on my own before Monday.

Anyway for now I'm just glad there is an end in sight and that I know if I don't go into labour then I only have to wait until Monday, so 5 more days and I can handle that. It will be nice to have my Mom here too this time. She's never been able to be here when I've had any of my children so it will be fun but I'm sure nuts having her with me. My Mom is GREAT but is very dramatic when watching films, sporting events and things like that so I'm sure she'll be quite dramatic with this too but it will make it fun and interesting :) She flies in tonight but will be coming up tomorrow so we're all very excited.

So, I now know I will actually have this baby. It has seemed like it was never going to happen, it really never seems real to me until you're actually in labour and having the baby. I'm sooo excited but also nervous to have a v-back and actually have contractions. I didn't feel contractions with my last 2 babies so it's going to be interesting. We also need to figure out a name so I'm excited to finally see this little man and see which name we will be going with (Steve think it's going to be Austin Everett so we'll see if we end up with that). YAY for new babies and YAY for knowing Monday will be the day if not before!