Wednesday, January 18, 2012


April was a CRAZY month, it's when life got a little insane for me. We still had lots of fun though so here's a quick re-cap.
Here's my 2 handsome little men dressed for church. It doesn't that long ago that Spencer was wearing those same clothes.
Austin started his love of the counter.
Sydney turned 8 and had a bowling/monster party with her friends.
Sydney chose to be baptised and we were SOOO proud of her. She really is an AMAZING little girl who we LOVE so much :) I love her HUGE smile and how creative she is. She loves to make things ALL the time and would make crafts 24/7 if we left her. Sydney likes everything and anything. She can play dress up/make-up with girls or catch bugs with the boys. Actually catching crazy bugs is one of her favourite things to do. I would NEVER catch some of the crazy bugs she does, some if the spiders are HUGE! All in all I think Sydney is WONDERFUL and life would for sure be boring without her :)
My Mom and Dad were able to come over for Syd's baptism. We didn't think they were going to be able to come because right before they were getting ready to leave my Dad found out that his cancer had come back and was now also in his lungs. We're so thankful they were able to be here and we were able to spend time with them.
We had cake and ice cream for Syd and Rod because they share the same birthday. They shared Syd's monster cake too. She loves sharing a birthday with Rod. Whenever he's been in town he takes her for date. One time they didn't quite make it because Syd threw up on the way, whoops! This year she was getting a little sad because we had mentioned we would all tag along. She did NOT want that to happen, she wanted it to be just her, it was pretty cute/funny ;)
While Mom and Dad were here Austin started to crawl, he was pretty excited about that :)
Hadley once again fell asleep somewhere random, she's getting good at that.
We went down to Utah with Mom and Dad just before they left to go home. We had a lovely time gong around Temple Square but were VERY sad to say goodbye. We consoled ourselves on the way back by stopping off at Krispy Kreme, yummy!Spencer played soccer for the first time. He got to be on the same team as his friends Carter, Jayce and Natalie so that made it lots of fun.
Austin just kept getting cuter and cuter :)
The Easter bunny slash Nanny came to our house. Mom got the kids English Easter eggs which they thought were great! We wanted to get a picture of all the kids together but Austin was asleep. (The above picture of Austin was on the same day as this)
Steve and I were able to be in the ward Roadshow. It was tons of fun :) Steve was an angel and had to stand on stilts and wear a long white robe. Everyone cheered when he came out, it was so fun. I was a shepherd and Hadley got to be a sheep. We had to wear make-up but Steve was not about to do that. My friend put mine on and it was quite interesting. Not because of her but because we had to put a bunch on and I am NOT used to that. All in all it was FANTASTIC and our ward did a GREAT job. Not that I'm biased but I thought our Roadshow was THE BEST!!!


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