Friday, November 20, 2009

It's finished, well mostly!

The day has finally come and the basement is finished!!! Well pretty much finished. There's a few small little things that need to be done but the walls are painted, the carpet is in and Maddie finally has a lovely finished room.

My friend Heidi sold us this HUGE bean bag the other week but it's been shoved in the middle of the living room upstairs. So tonight after we got the doors hung, the beds put in the new bedrooms, we were finally able to rearrange the basement so it could fit downstairs. As you can see Steve is already enjoying it. I think we're both just sooo tired from working in the basement ALL week until 12-2am for 4 nights in a row.
Maddies room looks LOVELY! I've been so excited to get it finished and it's almost there. We need to get a few more things, hang a few more pictures up, get the blinds up and her closet finished but it still looks great! It's such a cute little girls room. Maddie is already loving it, she looked so comfy in her new bedding. I took pictures but I'll take more when it's totally finished.
YAY for having the basement finished! The hard work paid off, now I just need to get everything organised and put away.


Rachel said...

That looks so cute! I am jeaous, I wish our basement was finished. Some day...