Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 year anniversary CRUISE!!!

December 2010 Steve and I celebrated our 10th anniversary, WOW!!! Time goes by sooo fast and so many things have happened since then, too many to write down. Some things have been hard but other have been AMAZING! Each have made us become better people I hope and learn lots of different things. I'm just thankful I was able to spend those 10 years with my best friend and the person I LOVE THE MOST :)

So even though our anniversary was in December we had planned to go on a cruise with our friends because their anniversaries were in April. One of ours friends couldn't go so in the end it was us and our friends the Stakers who went. We booked our tickets and arranged plans for our kids. My WONDERFUL in laws watched our kids which was SOOO nice of them. We left the end of April and were gone for about 8-9 days altogether.

When Steve and I got married our honeymoon was driving down to California to go to his sisters wedding which was only a week after our wedding. We had a fun time but half the time was spent with Steve's family. That wasn't a bad thing because we got to do lots of fun things, we went to Universal Studio's, Disney Land, the beach, it was GREAT :) We were just excited to go somewhere together on our own with no kids or obligations.

We traveled down to Las Vegas (lots of scary people there but it was fun) the first night and then the next morning we left early to get to California where we boarded the cruise ship. It was SOOO exciting :) Of course one of the first things we did was eat, hahaha!!! We had eaten a HUGE dinner the night before at Cheese Cake Factory but that was only the start to the MASS eating/feasting that we did. The cruise was NOT good for my weight, whoops ;)

I need to make a slide show of some of the pictures we took on the cruise, hopefully I can remember how because it's been a while, hahaha ;) We got to do a bunch of fun things but I won't write everything down because it would take way to long. I'll just put the pictures on and you can see for yourself :) We had an AMAZING time though and it was SOOO much fun to just spend time together and enjoy each others company for such a long time. I had never been on a cruise before, we both really liked it but if I ever went again I wouldn't eat quite as much and I think I would want to go on one that you're on land more than on the ship.

All in all we had the BEST time and we really appreciated Steve's parents watching the kids so we could have time to spend together. I truly do love my AMAZING husband Steve sooo much. He puts up with me when I'm grumpy and have no patience and that truly is a blessing to me. I can't wait for another 10 years but I think they might be a little more crazy with how big our kids are getting. I'm just thankful I get to spend those years with the best partner/husband I could ask for :)


Katie Lee said...

so much fun. cam and I have been wanting to go on a cruise before we have another baby. But I want to have another baby soon, so we will have to see what we can work out. Happy ten year Anniversary! Hope you have many more filled with just as much fun and love!